…A little firm for a big change…

Our Story

A little firm established in 2015, from the desire of an architect with strong hope for the future

The studio was created to encourage good and small everyday planning, taking care of the context and the influence it exerts on everyday life.

From green to built.

since 2017 the parthnership with THAA Architects.


Tiziano Santaiti

+39 328 85 36 237 (IT)
+44 (0) 7578 854535 ( UK)

Registered at the OAPPC of Rome.
Registered ARB (Architects Registration Board) UK

Born and raised in Rome – Secondary school Diploma in Arts and graduated with a First
Class Honours Degree from the first University of Rome “Sapienza”.

Immersed immediately into the world of construction, he started working at a safety equipment company during his
studies. In 2009 he founded real estate company, Renovating, buying and selling for investment purposes.

Passionate about design, as soon he signed up to the register he decided to form an Architectural firm. He made it able to connect remotely with hundreds of professionals around the country, to provide high-class professionalism, specialized across the
Founder of ST.studio